PassDrivingFast — Terms and Conditions

PassDrivingFast always keeps Customer satisfaction the top priority. We try to provide excellent service to learn driving as soon as possible we help our driving learners, and we also don’t compromise on training quality standard. Our aim is to build a reliable team of trained, experienced and honest driving instructors. PassDrivingFast will do every possible effort to grow and maintain its mission In these Terms and Conditions, references to “You” or “Your” means the driving learner booking a course of driving courses and or any of the practical driving tests (short or long courses) through PassDrivingFast.

PassDrivingFast plays an intermediate role between the learners and the instructors and provides you trained instructors with every course. When you book your course with PassDrivingFast you will then enter into a separate contract for the courses which is between yourself and the Instructors who is self-employed and independent from PassDrivingFast. PassDrivingFast will arrange the courses for you with the trained Instructors and making a booking for your test as said before PassDrivingFast plays an intermediate role between the learners and the instructors.

PassDrivingFast only allows to book a practical driving test for you, If you want to do any of the practical tests which are provided by PassDrivingFast, please call us to make appropriate arrangements. In the below given Terms and Conditions, the phrase “working days” which means all days of week except Saturday and Sunday, so don’t get confused! Keep in mind by booking with PassDrivingFast, you agree with these Terms and Conditions.

Driving Courses

1. PassDrivingFast offers courses that are only available in Bradford (UK) or nearby

2. You can book your course through our website, through a phone call or through an online registration form. PassDrivingFast will send you an email in response.

3. The Course fees are mentioned on the PassDrivingFast website includes:

• PassDrivingFast administration fee, which covers finding a Driving Instructor for you and booking the courses.

• Tuition fee for the courses from the Driving Instructor

• Practical driving test fee

4. The fee for every short or long course is mentioned with packages

5. Practical test book charges are £102.

6. Practical test requires you to apply your own skills and knowledge, PassDrivingFast cannot guarantee that you will pass your practical driving test


1. Deposit only £100 to PassDrivingFast when you make your booking. You can also pay full amount in advance using Debit or Credit card when you make booking, in which £100 of the amount will be considered as the deposit. The deposit will be deducted from the fees and is non-refundable unless:

• After completing of your booking process if PassDrivingFast is unable to secure a practical driving test that meets your appropriate requirements within 10 working days.

• If you have paid the full payment of the fees and PassDrivingFast is unable to secure a driving Instructor to carry out your courses in the lead up to your test.

2. PassDrivingFast will automatically take the remaining amount of the fees due from the card which is used to pay the deposit. The full payment of the fees becomes due when: a suitable practical driving test has been found.

3. Payment can be made via online or over the phone using all major Debit and Credit cards.

4. PassDrivingFast accepts the payment from you and after deducting Administration Fee, will arrange payment of the Tuition Fee to the driving Instructor.

5. Your paid amount covers Tuition Fee, Administration Fee and one of the Practical test cost, you shouldn’t need to make any other payment to the driving Instructor.

6. We will refund your payment to the card in which you deposited the payment from.

7. Administration Fee may be non-refundable up to 100% to cover any work undertaken by PassDrivingFast.

8. Tuition Fee up to 100% non-refundable If driving Instructor has been assigned.


1. At the start of your very first lesson you must show your UK provisional driving license to the Instructor. You have to confirm first before booking that you hold a valid provisional license. You must keep your license with yourself and bring it to your all lessons and tests. In case of failure, your lesson or test will be cancelled without any refund.

2. PassDrivingFast will give you six months after booking the course to start your lesson. If an agreement is not made between you and PassDrivingFast and your driving lessons are not started within this time period you will lose your deposit.

3. Arrangements about driving lessons like start time and start location will be discussed between you and driving Instructor directly.

4. Be punctual for your lessons, the lesson will not be extended to compensate for you arriving late, the reason is that the driving Instructor may have other lessons to deliver.

5. In case you don’t turn up for a lesson, the driving Instructor will be entitled to keep the full tuition fee of the missed lesson.

6. Any booked or reserved lesson cannot be transferred to third party.

7. You must have a reasonable availability for lessons on a weekly basis.

8. The total course time includes any breaks that the driving Instructor may feel is necessary for the safety of both you and the driving Instructor.

Practical Driving Tests

1. PassDrivingFast will aim to find a practical driving test that meets your reasonable requirements within 10 working days from the next working day after receiving your accurately completed details form.

2. Time for the practical driving test is included in the overall time of the course.

3. You cannot book under the assumption by yourself that PassDrivingFast will find a weekend practical driving test. You must be available to take a practical driving test on a weekday if you have to.

4. If PassDrivingFast secures a weekend practical driving test for you then you will pay an additional charge of £15.

Cancellation or Rearrangement of Lessons and/or Tests

1. Each and every Instructor has their own policy of the lessons. This is your responsibility to ask your driving Instructor what their policy is regarding cancellation or rearrangement and to comply with their policy.

2. You may change or cancel your tests, by informing PassDrivingFast at least 5 workings days’ notice before the date of each such arranged test.

3. If you want to rearrange a test which has been booked by PassDrivingFast already then a nonrefundable administration fee and £20 for the practical driving test will be charged by PassDrivingFast.

4. If 5 working days' notice is not given to PassDrivingFast by you then you have to pay full amount of £62 for a practical test and administration fee for the test.

5. Under any circumstances downgrading your course is not possible.

6. If you instruct PassDrivingFast to place your course on hold, PassDrivingFast will cease all work relating to the provision of your course until you instruct PassDrivingFast to resume.

7. If PassDrivingFast has made multiple tries to contact you and it has been 7 days or more since PassDrivingFast has had any contact from you, PassDrivingFast will consider your course to be on hold.

Driving Instructors

1. PassDrivingFast will only introduce you to a driving Instructor if PassDrivingFast is satisfied that the Instructor is DVSA approved or is an approved grade A or B driving Instructor.

2. If you use abusive language or threatening behavior then driving Instructor may refuse to proceed with a driving lesson or you fail to act on any reasonable request made by the driving Instructor or if the driving Instructor reasonably believes that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time during the lesson.

3. The driving instructor may refuse to allow you to take a practical driving test in the driving Instructor’s car at the end of your course if the driving Instructor reasonably determines your driving does not meet the necessary standard to take a practical driving test on the grounds that it would be a risk to the health and safety of pedestrians and other motorists etc.

4. You will not be allowed to change your driving Instructor once your Lessons have started, except if in PassrivingFast’s opinion there are exceptional circumstances and where PassDrivingFast is able to recover the left over Tuition Fees from the driving Instructor.

5. Before starting your lesson, you must show your driving Instructor the DVSA confirmation email that contains the details for your practical driving test. PassDrivingFast will forward you this email once a practical driving test has been secured.

6. PassDrivingFast does not guarantee to satisfy your preference regarding your driving Instructor’s: gender; car make; car model; or car fuel type unless otherwise agreed.

Limitation of Responsibility

1. PassDrivingFast and driving Instructors shall not be responsible for any loss or damage where and to the extent that:

• Any such loss or damage results from situations or matters outside of the reasonable control of PassDrivingFast, the driving Instructor or you; but PassDrivingFast does not exclude or limit in anyway its responsibility to you where it would be illegal to do so.

2. You will take your driving tuition as a private consumer not in connection with business. As a result, PassDrivingFast will not be responsilble to you for any loss connected with business in any way, including loss of profit, loss of business or loss of business opportunity.

3. PassDrivingFast is playing an intermediate role between you and driving Instructor and we are not a party to the contract for driving tuition. This does not affect any legal responsibility that PassDrivingFast may have for any loss or damage you may suffer.

4. PassDrivingFast will measure thoroughly from the very beginning any missed or cancelled lessons or Tests due to the driving Instructor being ill, vehicle breakdowns or any other situation outside of PassDrivingFast’s or the driving Instructor’s control.

5. PassDrivingFast will not be responsible for Tests moved or cancelled by the DVSA. If the DVSA takes any such action, you and PassDrivingFast will be notified by the DVSA. If you require PassDrivingFast to rearrange the new date set by the DVSA, PassDrivingFast will charge you an administration fee £18 if it is the practical driving test. These fees will only apply if you require the test to be fast-tracked.

6. You agree to notify PassDrivingFast of any issues you experience regarding your course on the time. Any issues that occur prior to the final day of your course which are only brought to PassDrivingFast’s attention after your course has been completed will not be considered by PassDrivingFast.

Use of Personal Data

1. Any personal data which is provided to PassDrivingFast by you will be held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used as follows:

• Arranging for a driving Instructor to contact you regarding lessons and to arrange for a Test

• Processing your payment for the tuition fees and the test fees

• Contacting you as may be necessary concerning your tuition and to keep you informed of products and services which PassDrivingFast can make available to you and PassDrivingFast will only give your personal information to other third parties where the law either requires or allows PassDrivingFast to do so.

2. If you have booked your own Test, in order for PassDrivingFast to manage your Test booking, PassDrivingFast will log in to the DVSA website using your details as provide by you to PassDrivingFast, and PassDrivingFast will alter the contact email address to be that of PassDrivingFast so that PassDrivingFast receives notifications from the DVSA. You consent to PassDrivingFast doing this to manage your Test booking(s). PassDrivingFast will contact you should any DVSA notifications be received.


PassDrivingFast has a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse, harassment or violence whether physical or verbal towards its staff members or the driving Instructors and reserves the right to cancel your booking in the event. Your deposit will be non-refundable. Up to 100% of the rest of the fees may also be non-refundable to cover costs already suffered by PassDrivingFast or your driving Instructor.


You have the right to cancel your booking up to 2 weeks the day after you submit your booking to PassDrivingFast online or over the phone. PassDrivingFast will not start work on your booking until the 2 weeks cancellation period has passed unless you ignore your right to the 2 weeks cancellation period. By completing the details form before the end of the 2 weeks cancellation period you are instructing PassDrivingFast to start work on your booking right away and therefore waiving your right to the 2 weeks cancellation period. If you are a repeat customer it will be supposed that you want PassDrivingFast to start work on your booking right away and therefore waive your right to the 2 weeks cancellation period unless you expressly state otherwise.

Complaints procedure

We take all received customer complaints seriously. Do you want to make a complaint? please email us at We will try to respond to and examine all complaints within a reasonable timeframe.